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Deposits and Charges 

Deposits are required for wedding parties, large groups and selected bookings, all other bookings will be asked to provide card details via my online booking platform "Fresha" upon confirming your appointment, 

A text will be sent via Fresha prior to your appointment, you will not be charged UNLESS

- You cancel within 24 hours (10% of your service) 

- You do not show up ro your appointment (30% of your service) 

Bookings are only confirmed & secure once those details are entered, failure to do so will open your appointment slot for others to book. 

Deposits are non refundable and non transferable 

If you are unsatisfied with the work provided you will need to let myself or the assistant aware on the day of the booking to allow us to fix/change anything, no refunds will be provided. 

No Shows 

If you do not show up to your appointment you will not be able to book any future appointments with me, Fresha will charge you 30% of the service fee, if you have paid a deposit rhis will be your cancellation fee and is non refundable 

  • What time should we finish by and does the order matter?
    Firstly I recommend asking your photographer if they have a time they require you to be ready for pictures, you need to factor in time for getting dressed, putting Jewellery on, and more importantly you need time for things to go wrong (Yes it can happen, especially when you rush) allow enough time for you to relax and take the day in before the ceremony Generally the order won't matter unless you need someone completed to do other tasks, The bride is recommended to go second last, I personally like to have the bride complete before the photographer arrives as sometimes the photographer can rush us, its better to be ready and fake the "makeup getting ready" photos.
  • When should I have my bridal trial?
    I would recommend a few months prior, some brides opt to match it up with their Hens.
  • Will my makeup last? What products do you use?
    Absolutely! It starts with a good base! Much like a wall that needs prepping for the paint to 1. be smooth and 2. last. The products I use will reflect your skin type and desired look, I have built my kit over 10 years and have sought out the best products on the market, some of the brands I use include MAC, Georgio Armani, Nars, Laura Mercier, YSL, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury and many more. The lashes I use are Modelrock depending on the look I offer strip and individual lashes
  • Should I do skin treatments leading up?
    If you have concerns with your skin and you want to glow! Absolutely yes, most skin clinics will offer a plan for the months leading up, I recommend starting 12-6 months for the best results
  • Tips for getting the best out of my trial?
    - Wear a similar neckline and colour to your dress, - Have your hair trial on the same day - If you plan on spray tanning its great to trial that and have that on for your trial as this can also make the biggest difference with how you see the final result! - Bring your jewellery to try on
  • How should I prep the night before?
    Prior to your big day I will send you a pdf explaining all the prep I recommend for hair and makeup
  • How long does it take?
    For bridesmaids, mothers or guest makeup its around 45-60 mins per person (I always allow 60 mins but can be quicker) The bride is around 60-90 mins as I like to take my time If choosing my VIP bride experience with hair and makeup, usually around 3 hours including touch ups
  • Do you offer hair?
    I firstly specialise in Makeup however I am offering to do hair for Brides in my VIP Bride hair and makeup experience, I always recommend a hair stylist to work alongside myself for group/wedding makeup bookings, it would simply take too long to do both the hair and makeup
  • Where do you travel to?
    I reside in the Gold Coast but can travel to Brisbane-Byron Bay
  • What is your deposit and when is payment due?
    To secure your date, I only ask for a 20% deposit of your package cost, the final payment is due one month before your wedding day via invoice
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